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New Sires!

 We are really excited about the set of boars we have put in. Please reach out to Todd at 937-673-3728 to order semen on any boar. 

Introducing… MODERN TREND

Most exciting Hereford boar purchase we’ve made in over 15 years!!
Detour x Anchor
Bred by Travis Perry
MODERN TREND is he most unique Hereford boar that we’ve ever seen!! We are so excited to have this breed changer! Most attractive, extended front end I’ve seen on a Hereford boar! Excellent top shape and so smooth and flexible in motion. Will make killer barrows and Junior gilts!! We have so much confidence in him because of the sows in his pedigree. His mother is impressive to look at and has consistently had outstanding litters for Perry’s, MODERN TREND’s sire Detour is a boar we know very well we own two of his Littermate sisters and being out of Everyday who was housed here!
If you want to get with the MODERN TREND in the Hereford breed make sure he is on your shortlist of Hereford boars to use! Please give us a call to discuss. Don hasn’t been this high on a Hereford boar sense Convoy who changed the breed in the 2000s
Semen available $150 a dose!
Ryan 937-715-1850
Todd 937-673-3728
Don 937-603-8613
Justin 937-248-8938
One of the most impressive Yorkshire boars we have seen! After many phone calls, texts, and discussions we knew we were all in on the Olsen Yorkshire boar in the NSR draft. Once we got him home we were even more excited about our purchase! This guy is even better in person than we imagined! Beyond excited to have this Yorkshire boar in Farmersville Ohio! Will see a majority of our Yorkshire sows and keeper gilts! Look forward to seeing how he can move our Yorkshire program forward!
Semen available! We feel confident he can work on a lot of Yorkshire females around the country! Give us a call to discuss or look us up at Expo, we would love to talk about him!
*Like most things we don’t all agree on things so here’s two pictures! We do however all agree this one is wicked good!
*NSR rep Clay Parrish has seen the boar at the farm in the past week and I’m sure would be happy to share his thoughts!
Todd 937-673-3728
Ryan 937-715-1850
Don 937-603-8613