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Holly's Herefords

Hereford hogs are HOT! And Holly's Herefords are among the best.

Hereford boars, barrows and gilts for sale all year round.

Semen available NOW from our new Hereford boars contact Todd (937-673-3728) or Ryan (937-715-1850) to order semen or ask questions.


Most exciting Hereford boar purchase we’ve made in over 15 years!! Detour x Anchor Bred by Travis Perry MODERN TREND is he most unique Hereford boar that we’ve ever seen!! We are so excited to have this breed changer! Most attractive, extended front end I’ve seen on a Hereford boar! Excellent top shape and so smooth and flexible in motion. Will make killer barrows and Junior gilts!! We have so much confidence in him because of the sows in his pedigree. His mother is impressive to look at and has consistently had outstanding litters for Perry’s, MODERN TREND’s sire Detour is a boar we know very well we own two of his Littermate sisters and being out of Everyday who was housed here! If you want to get with the MODERN TREND in the Hereford breed make sure he is on your shortlist of Hereford boars to use! Please give us a call to discuss. Don hasn’t been this high on a Hereford boar sense Convoy who changed the breed in the 2000s Semen available $150 a dose! Ryan 937-715-1850 Todd 937-673-3728 Don 937-603-8613 Justin 937-248-8938
Reference Sires Imposter 

Whippersnapper x Convoy 

IMPOSTER is simply the BEST HEREFORD BOAR we have raised and it's not close! The stoutest skulled and widest between the eyes of any boar we have seen. He is busted open over his top and has huge feet and legs. Visitors have been extremely impressed. I can not describe in words how good this boar is! The future is bright for IMPOSTER!

We are offering a limited amount of semen at $150 a dose! Big Time Hereford Boar!

Ring Of Fire x Family Guy
Bred By: D & H Showstock
This is Fireworks! Our new private treaty purchase from D & H show stock. He is a full sib to Wildfire at Shaffer's. When Andy drive this guy out of the barn we knew he was coming back with us.  Fireworks is tall shouldered and big ribbed. Our first pigs out of him have been very popular and he sired the Champion Hereford Barrow 2018 Ohio State Fair!

Semen available $75 a dose. If you have questions or would like to order contact Todd or Ryan.
Todd 937-673-3728 Ryan 937-715-1850

A few of the winners we have had:
Herefords in the Showring
Champion Hereford Barrow 2018 OSF
Shown by: Cameron Shellhouse

King James Hereford Boar
Sold to Lean Value Sires
Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2017 MLE
Shown by: Lillian & Olivia Merrill
Class Winning Hereford Barrow 2017 OSF
Shown by: Kelli Kearny
 Champion Hereford Boar National Hereford Show
Sold to Shaffer's Goldrush
Sired by: Hit King
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 CPS STC

"Whipper Snapper" housed at Lean Value Sires 
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 OSF

Champion Hereford Barrow 2015 OSF

Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2015 ISF

Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 NSR extravaganza

Reserve Champion male 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Champion Hereford Barrow 2014 OSF

Champion Hereford Gilt 2014 OSF and National Hereford Show and sale
Trifecta housed at Breeders Choice Genetics. 
Second high selling hereford boar 2014 ISF.
Reserve Hereford barrow 2013 ISF

Champion Hereford barrow 2013 ISF
Champion Hereford barrow 2013 OSF
$1400 Hereford gilt 2012 NSR Extravaganza

Champion Hereford Gilt 2012 OSF

Champion Hereford Barrow 2012 OSF
Reserve Hereford 2013 OSF

 Class-winning barrow 2012 Ohio State Fair open show. Shown by Ryan Michael.

Class-winning Hereford Gilt 2011 Ohio State Fair Open Show. Shown by Kayla Overstake.

Reserve Champion Hereford Barrow 2010 Ohio State Fair. Shown by Victoria DeVore.

Class-winning Hereford Gilt 2010 Ohio State Fair. Shown by Marsha Steele.

Grand Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair
Reserve Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair

Grand Champion gilt - Indiana State Fair
Grand Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair