Holly's Herefords

Hereford hogs are HOT! And Holly's Herefords are among the best.

Hereford boars, barrows and gilts for sale all year round.

Semen available NOW from our new Hereford boars contact Todd (937-673-3728) or Ryan (937-715-1850) to order semen or ask questions.

We are very exited to introduce our new Hereford boar:
The Hit King

Big Red Machine x Convoy
Bred and Owned by Bona Vista Farm
Semen available $100 a dose

I have had the privilege to see most of the good Hereford boars around the country shown this summer at the CPS summer type conference, the Ohio State Fair, and the Indiana state fair, and in my opinion and many others who have came to our house and looked at our boars I think we have one of the best in the country. THE HIT KING is flat good, I don't think anyone has put one together with more positives than he has to offer. It took a whole lot of persuading to get Don and Todd to even offer semen to be sold on this guy. We think BIG RED MACHINE did a great job his first year, but we think HIT KING will do even more. He moves around with the best set of legs of any boar we've ever raised. He still is super blown open over his top and walks wide going away. The most exiting thing about this guy for me is that he is out of a GREAT sow. His dam has produced: the Champion Hereford gilt 2014 OSF, Champion gilt 2014 national Hereford show, Champion Hereford barrow 2013 OSF, Reserve Champion Hereford barrow 2013 ISF, and Reserve Champion Hereford junior gilt 2015 ISF open show. We think THE HIT KING will make great show barrows and gilts along with great future sows that will generate!

Big Red Machine

 Doug E. Fresh xChampion Gilt 2014 OSF double bred Rumor Has It 
Semen available $75 a dose 

What Big Red Machine has done in one season is special! He has sired some of the top pigs to be shown this year, including:
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 CPS Summer Type Conference.
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Reserve Champion Hereford Barrow 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Champion Hereford Barrow 2016 Clark County Fair.
Reserve Champion Hereford Male 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Reserve Champion Hereford boar 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Champion Hereford Gilt West Virginia State Fair.
"Whipper Snapper" housed at Lean Value Sires.

When we saw this Hereford boar walk in the ring for the champion drive we knew this one was special. This is a boar that will made a tremendous impact on the Hereford breed. This very well could be the best barrow making boar to ever hit the breed. He is extremely heavy boned, great on his toes and pasterns, and walks perfectly square off both ends while still being opened up down the top and wide walking away. This is a boar that would work great on those unsound, poor made hogs that need to be better structured and stronger on there pasterns. This guy needs heavy use and will see a lot of sows here at Bona Vista. Semen $75 per dose.

For Reference Only
Time Tested is heavy boned, wide made, and still gets around with ease. 
Test of Time x Convoy

Magic Ride came from a great litter. Consisting of two boars placed in boar studs. He himself is heavy muscled and
  is great on his feet and legs, and one of  the heaviest boned Herefords you will ever find.

Rumor Mill is the youngest of our new boars. He is the heaviest muscled best designed boar of the three. Semen Available.

Test of Time - Our purchase from Doug Loof, Iowa. He is a littermate to Rusty Gold at Laird Premium Blend Genetics. He is a Sycamore on a Yellow Dog.

 Rumor Has It - He is a double-bred Convoy raised and owned by Holly's Herefords. If you want a massive, rugged Hereford boar, Rumor Has It is the boar for you.

A few of the winners we have had:
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 CPS STC

"Whipper Snapper" housed at Lean Value Sires 
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 OSF

Champion Hereford Barrow 2015 OSF

Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2015 ISF

Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 NSR extravaganza

Reserve Champion male 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Champion Hereford Barrow 2014 OSF

Champion Hereford Gilt 2014 OSF and National Hereford Show and sale
Trifecta housed at Breeders Choice Genetics. 
Second high selling hereford boar 2014 ISF.
Reserve Hereford barrow 2013 ISF

Champion Hereford barrow 2013 ISF
Champion Hereford barrow 2013 OSF
$1400 Hereford gilt 2012 NSR Extravaganza

Champion Hereford Gilt 2012 OSF

Champion Hereford Barrow 2012 OSF
Reserve Hereford 2013 OSF

 Class-winning barrow 2012 Ohio State Fair open show. Shown by Ryan Michael.

Reserve Champion Hereford Barrow 2012 Ohio State Fair Open Show. Shown by Ryan Michael.

Class-winning Hereford Gilt 2011 Ohio State Fair Open Show. Shown by Kayla Overstake.

Reserve Champion Hereford Barrow 2010 Ohio State Fair. Shown by Victoria DeVore.

Class-winning Hereford Gilt 2010 Ohio State Fair. Shown by Marsha Steele.

Grand Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair
Reserve Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair

Grand Champion gilt - Indiana State Fair
Grand Champion barrow - Ohio State Fair