We worked hard this summer trying to improve our boar lineup and I think we have done just that. All of the boars below are boars we will use here at Bona Vista and we think will make a big difference in their respective breeds. Please call or text Todd (937-673-3728) or Ryan (937-715-1850) to order semen or ask questions about any Boars we have to offer.
This is Fireworks! Our new private treaty purchase from D & H show stock. He is a full sib to Wildfire at Shaffer's. When Andy drive this guy out of the barn we knew he was coming back with us. If you have been to a Hereford show this year you know that what separates the good ones from the great ones is the added bone and structure. Fireworks is the heaviest boned Hereford boar that I have seen in a long time! If you want to add extra bone and structure this guy should be on the top of your list. When you study him he is Big in his forearm and comes at you busted open through his chest floor. Fireworks will add that extra spread up top and keep them square to the ground down low. When he tracks away he leaves you with a long flexible stride and has the extra hip shape needed to contend at the highest level. For us to use a boar on our best sows says a lot and we plan to use him hard!

Semen available $100 a dose. If you have questions or would like to order contact Todd or Ryan.
Todd 937-673-3728
Ryan 937-715-1850THE HIT KING

Big Red Machine x Convoy
Bred and Owned by Bona Vista Farm
Semen available $100 a dose
I have had the privilege to see most of the good Hereford boars around the country shown this summer at the CPS summer type conference, the Ohio State Fair, and the Indiana state fair, and in my opinion and many others who have came to our house and looked at our boars I think we have one of the best in the country. THE HIT KING is flat good, I don't think anyone has put one together with more positives than he has to offer. It took a whole lot of persuading to get Don and Todd to even offer semen to be sold on this guy. We think BIG RED MACHINE did a great job his first year, but we think HIT KING will do even more. He moves around with the best set of legs of any boar we've ever raised. He still is super blown open over his top and walks wide going away. The most exiting thing about this guy for me is that he is out of a GREAT sow. His dam has produced: the Champion Hereford gilt 2014 OSF, Champion gilt 2014 national Hereford show, Champion Hereford barrow 2013 OSF, Reserve Champion Hereford barrow 2013 ISF, and Reserve Champion Hereford junior gilt 2015 ISF open show. We think THE HIT KING will make great show barrows and gilts along with great future sows that will generate!
Semen available $75 a dose.

Reserve Junior Champion Hereford Boar 2015 ISF
Doug E. Fresh x Rumor Has it 
Bred by: Howell Stock Farm
What Big Red Machine has done is special! He has sired some of the top pigs to be shown, including:
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 CPS Summer Type Conference.
Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Reserve Champion Hereford Barrow 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Champion Hereford Barrow 2016 Clark County Fair.
Reserve Champion Hereford Male 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Reserve Champion Hereford Gilt 2016 NSR Extravaganza
Reserve Champion Hereford boar 2016 Ohio State Fair.
Champion Hereford gilt West Virginia State fair.
Whipper Snapper housed at Lean Value Sires.
New Herd Boar The Hit King at Bona Vista
Class Winning Hereford Barrow 2017 OSF

Bred By Quigley
In Control x Drive Time
Semen available $100 a dose 

Extremely heavy Boned!!!
Huge Top
Square at the ground 
Super soft center and deep bodied 
425 lbs and still moves with ease

Littermate to The Champion York Boar Ohio State Fair, housed at Lean Value Sires known as Home Turf.

More Boars and pictures to come call for more information.