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Tony Nye bred gilt sale

We will be consigning some elite bred females to Nye's bred gilt sale. Pictured below are the Bred gilts we will be taking. To see due dates and pedigrees visit the link and find Bona Vista Farm.
Take advantage on a chance to get a really good Hereford female, chances like this don't happen very often on having a chance to buy a Hereford bred gilt this good and bred to Big Red Machine. 
Sold: $3,400
Lot #8-4 Really nice York. Littermate gilt won her class at Summer Type Conference and littermate boar was 2nd at OSF. Foundation type of gilt you could start a herd around. Littermate to lot 8-1
Sold: $1050
Lot #8-1 Special type of bred gilt here, could be a cornerstone sow for your herd. Littermate to lot 8-4 and class winner summer type conference. To be honest I think we made a mistake on letting go of this one, take advantage.
Sold: $1000
Lot 8-2 A good gilt out of one of our best litters. Kept a littermate boar. 
Sold: $950
Lot 8-5 Really good pure Hamp bred cross. Littermate to our very popular class winning gilt at Summer type conference. 
Sold: $950
Lot 8-6 Younger bred gilt that is from a great litter. Mother was purchased from George Watson by us and littermate boar we kept and inspect high things out of her.
Sold: $950